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Smart Battery

Shenzhen Headsun Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturing company in Shenzhen, Guangdong (China). The company produces advanced systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The smart battery fabricated is applicable in data center, oil pipeline and many other applications for backup power supply. The valve regulated, lead-acid battery is available in two models- HTB1265 and SHBT W12100. The grids of the smart battery employ a lead-tin-calcium base alloy. The structure of this kind of battery doesn't require re-filling of water, thus this is regarded as a maintenance free battery. Also called maintenance free battery, this sealed battery has short charging time. This safe to use battery is safer for environment.

Key Points:
  • The housing of the smart battery is flame retardant.
  • This kind of battery is sold under the brand “Headsun”.
  • The battery can resist severe use conditions, like overcharging and over discharging.
  • This battery has excellent storage characteristics.