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Power Distribution Cabinet
Based on your power distribution requirement, equip your facility with right power distribution cabinet. Customers are free to select between GPDS (general power distribution system) and SPDS (smart power distribution system).
Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is basically a distribution unit of main power which has multiple outputs and and is responsible to distribute the electric power. It is specially used in computer racks and networking equipment. The reliability on the product is worth and is very cost effective too.
Smart Battery
The line of Smart batteries in the offering includes valve regulated, lead-acid batteries are suitable for applications that demand cost-effective large-scale power storage. Some of the applications of smart battery are electrical devices, off-grid power system, etc.
Smart Battery Management System
Smart battery management system can be adopted by industries to monitor all battery systems, regardless of type. A number of models of battery monitoring system are available at Shenzhen Headsun Technology Co., Ltd.
Select the suitable busway system for your office, industrial plant or data center. This electrical distribution system consists of bus bars in an enclosure, along with devices, fittings and accessories. Our company supplies compact busway and DIN-Rail intelligent busway system.
Power Distribution Monitoring Module
Power Distribution Monitoring Module is a kind of software which adds to the efficiency of your systems by granting them extra safety and also makes sure the processing time of the given instructions in reflected back in very less means of time. Further it has sturdy design and rust proof structure.
Smart Cabinet Systems
Smart Cabinet Systems are the solution to your storing issues. These are efficient in taking care of the stock of the products and automatically orders for the product when needed. The product is very cost savvy. These are quiet spacious to accommodate multiple materials.
Modular IDC
Modular IDC is very energy efficient system which leads to conserved rate of energy and functions utilizing very less amount of power and offers the optimum performance. Teh product is very beneficial in terms of price.