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Power Distribution Cabinet
Shenzhen Headsun Technology Co., Ltd. is a fabricator of standalone power distribution cabinets for office and data centers. This product category is further divided into GPDS (general power distribution system) and SPDS (smart power distribution system). There are multiple outputs in every cabinet to allow electric power distribution. Data centers can be equipped with SPDS to improve up-time and efficiency. This system can monitor and protect power. It also renders the flexibility to match the power distribution requirements. Our Shenzhen, Guangdong (China) based company fabricates these cabinets in different sizes and capacities. Customers can go through the technical specifications of every model to find the best.
There is a distribution system for distributing electrical power in every residential, commercial and industrial building, and this system can be bus bars. From compact busway to DIN-Rail intelligent busway system, all kinds of busways are developed by Shenzhen Headsun Technology Co., Ltd., a Shenzhen, Guangdong (China) based company. Power distributed from bus bar enclosed is called busway. It is one flexible distribution system that allows to further add load or extend power. Based on the type of industry, busway line specifications can be finalized. Whether your are high-amperage applications of low-amperage applications, busway can provide unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.
Smart Battery Management System
Battery monitoring system is a smart battery management system fabricated by Shenzhen Headsun Technology Co., Ltd. This system is available in three models- SBMS0602-0612, SBMS4802 and SBMS5000-8000-9000. This system can be employed for ensuring optimal energy use in battery powering the product. This system can prolong the battery life and protect battery against damage. It is referred as a smart system, as it can prevent downtime because of unexpected battery failures. It makes possible to achieve battery life the same level of design expectations by estimations and proper management. The battery management software in the battery monitoring system allows non-stop monitoring via remote computer(s).
Smart Battery
The line of Smart batteries in the offering includes valve regulated, lead-acid batteries are suitable for applications that demand cost-effective large-scale power storage. Some of the applications of smart battery are electrical devices, off-grid power system, etc.